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    Tracing the Path of Incarnation

    Michaela Strauss


    It is not uncommon for children’s drawings to end up in the wastepaper basket. Yet these early artistic expressions indicate how children communicate with their environment. From the first scratches and scribbles to the detailed sketches of houses and people, the drawings and paintings of our young ones are significant manifestations of inner processes, containing important statements about their development and gradual incarnation into a physical body.

    Michaela Strauss’s classic work is a pioneer study that can strengthen observation, understanding and love for the being of the child, both in the home and the kindergarten. First issued in 1978, it is republished here with revisions, improved reproductions, a larger format and more than 40 pages of colour illustrations.

    ‘In its drawings, the child describes for us different conditions of consciousness, which are parallel with those of cultural epochs.’ – Michaela Strauss

    MICHAELA STRAUSS built on the work of her father, Hanns Strauss, a painter and art teacher who collected thousands of children’s drawings and compared and evaluated them. Stimulated by Rudolf Steiner’s lecture course The Study of Man (The Foundations of Human Experience) this research became her father’s consuming interest. After his early death, Michaela continued his research and brought it to publication.

    14 October 2021; Trans. by P. Wehrle; RSP; 96pp (43 pages of colour); 21 x 23 cm; pb;

    £16.99  ISBN 9781855845961