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    Wisdom and Love

    An Almanac for the Soul

    Rudolf Steiner


    Rudolf Steiner’s inspiring words provide rich and nourishing thoughts and ideas for self-development and spiritual enlightenment. Daily Contemplations offers a separate passage from Steiner’s lectures – a special gift upon which to reflect – to accompany each day of the year. Carefully selected by Jean-Claude Lin, the quotations are sourced from lectures and addresses that Steiner gave on the specific day in question. Thus, the ordering is not arbitrary but arises from the historical fact of the lectures themselves.

    This unique volume gives us a new way of working with Steiner’s research on a daily basis. The short passages encourage us to ponder and delve further in order to make our own creative discoveries.

    ‘Wisdom is the premise, the foundation of love; love is the fruit of wisdom reborn in the I.’ These words from Rudolf Steiner are the founding motifs of his immense lecturing activity – to which this book gives manifold entry points. As Lin notes in his introduction, ‘wisdom and love are the alpha and omega of the human being who strives for truth and freedom’.

    28 April 2021; Compiled and edited by Jean-Claude Lin; Trans. by M. Barton; RSP; 418pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

    £14.99  ISBN 9781855845909