Rudolf Steiner signature


    Rudolf Steiner, Marie Steiner von Sivers


    ‘I send you fondest thoughts on your birthday. On this day I will think a lot of all the beautiful things which were, and are contained in our work together, and which now always stand so beautifully before my inner eye when I describe them. Let me assure you that I write this description with love.’ – Rudolf Steiner to Marie Steiner, 13 March 1925

    Containing all the correspondence between Rudolf and Marie Steiner to be found in their respective estates, this volume provides unique insight into the couple’s pivotal relationship. The years 1901-25 were a time of struggle, as Rudolf Steiner – faithfully supported by the young Marie von Sivers (later to become Marie Steiner in 1914) – endeavoured to build a completely new spiritual movement on earth. Their letters cover everything from the esoteric view of evolution and human advancement to dealing with organizational details, challenging personalities and, of course, their own relationship.

    In addition to the correspondence, a number of documents have been inserted chronologically throughout the text. The famous ‘notes’ written by Rudolf Steiner for Edouard Schure, for example, provide a unique introduction to the volume, giving profound insights into the development of the anthroposophical movement. Also included are the many versions of Rudolf Steiner’s will. Comprehensive notes are provided, as well as an index of persons and an itinerary giving dates of relevant lectures and eurythmy performances.

    23 October 2019; Trans. by C. & I. von Arnim (Correspondence & Documents, 1901-1925, GA 262); RSP; 352pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

    £16.99  ISBN 9781855845701