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    Words of Wisdom

    A selection of quotations by Rudolf Steiner


    ‘Truth is simple only for those who first wrestle their way through multiplicity. It is like a thread of many pearls.’ – Rudolf Steiner

    Like pearls in the oyster, pearls of thought are easily overlooked. Lying hidden in texts, they keep their light under a bushel, serving the greater framework and context. But if we draw them out they begin to shine, revealing their translucent facets and intrinsic harmony.

    In this meditative treasure, the editor has harvested and threaded together such pearls from Rudolf Steiner’s books, creating new textures and striking panoramas. Dynamic constellations of thought arise, allowing us unusual and surprising access to Steiner’s spiritual and philosophical thinking. In contrast to the prevailing view that meaning arises only in context, these self-sufficient verbal universes show us that the opposite can also be true. The pearls of thought in this compact pocket book acquire enhanced meaning in isolation, mysteriously becoming independent of the thoughts and phrases that precede or follow them.

    This collection of quotations, free of jargon or technical terminology, is accessible to all readers interested in developing a meaningful understanding of the human being’s place in the world and cosmos.

    11 May 2015; Trans. M. Barton; compiled by D. Baumgartner (Selections, various GAs); RSP; 82pp; 17.5 x 12.5 cm; pb;

    £7.99  ISBN 9781855844131