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    Recollecting the Past and Willing the Future

    Ralph Twentyman


    In this mature discussion of the art of healing, Ralph Twentyman sets the problems of modern medicine in the context of the evolution of consciousness and the crisis of selfhood and community facing mankind today. He speaks about the modern experience of loneliness and relates it to the experience of individuality. In contrast, he points to the dawning vision of mankind as a real Being - a living organism. The illnesses characteristic of our time are set in the light of these birth pangs of a new evolutionary era and consciousness.

    RALPH TWENTYMAN trained at Cambridge and University College Hospital, and later served in the RAF medical service in Habbaniya, Iraq. After release from the RAF, he trained in homeopathy at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and was appointed to the staff as Consultant Physician. There he introduced the mistletoe treatment of cancer, indicated by Rudolf Steiner, and saw anthroposophical methods as a legitimate extension of Hahnemann's homeopathy.

    Twentyman edited the British Homeopathic Journal for 21 years and has lectured extensively at home and abroad, including to many student bodies.

    April 2004; RSP; 128pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; hb;

    £11.95  ISBN 9781855841826 - This title is out of print.