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    The Human Being and the Elemental, Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms

    Rudolf Steiner


    In one of his most popular lecture courses - formerly published as Man as Symphony of the Creative Word - Rudolf Steiner presents an extraordinary panorama of spiritual knowledge centring on the human being. We are the harmony of creation - a microcosm - containing within us 'all the laws and secrets of the world'.

    Steiner begins by speaking about our inner relationship to three ancient and sacred representatives of the animal kingdom - eagle, lion and bull - and to the forces of the cosmos that form them. He goes on to deepen these themes by approaching the plant and animal worlds in the context of planetary and cosmic evolution. A new category is then introduced: the elemental nature spirits - the metaphysical beings who work with plants and animals. Steiner gives a unique and intimate description of them and describes the cooperation they offer to mankind. Finally, the human being - the 'harmony of the Creative Word' - is placed at the heart of this spiritual celebration of life.

    June 2001; Trans: revised by M. Barton (12 lectures, 19 Oct to 11 Nov 1923; GA 230); RSP; 240pp; 21.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

    £12.95  ISBN 9781855840980