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    and the Work of the Priest

    18 Lectures

    Rudolf Steiner


    John's Book of Revelation - the Apocalypse - has been subjected to countless interpretations by theologians over the years, mostly based on theory and speculation. In contrast, Rudolf Steiner spoke from his own direct experience and knowledge of the spiritual truths contained in St John's mysterious pictures.

    Although he had previously presented his insights into the Book of Revelation a number of times, in 1924 Steiner ventured to give a completely new perspective - in response to a request by priests of The Christian Community - by relating the subject closely to the work of the modern priest. 'These priests felt the need to achieve a closer relationship with the Book of Revelation', he wrote later. 'I believed I would be able to contribute to such a closer relationship. The spiritual paths I follow had enabled me to trace the apocalyptist's footsteps. So I felt that with this course of lectures I would be able to achieve a depiction that would convey this priestly book in its true sense as a spiritual guide for the priest.'

    November 1998; Trans: J. Collis (18 lectures + conversations, Dornach, Sept 1924, GA 346) ; RSP; 296pp (8 colour plates); 21.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

    £14.99  ISBN 9781855840522