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    From the time of the Foundation Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society (Dornach, Christmas to the New Year, 1923–24) until his death shortly before Easter 1925, Rudolf Steiner wrote a weekly letter addressed to the members of the Anthroposophical Society. The letters were printed in the members' supplement to the Goetheanum Weekly and in its English edition, Anthroposophical Movement.

    This book represents the second of two volumes. The earlier letters speak of the character and aims of the Anthroposophical Society and the social tasks arising in the anthroposophic movement. They deal with the problems encountered in the common study of Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy) and in its presentation to the world at large, relating it to the prevailing science and civilization of the time.

    With the exception of the first two (issued in August 1924, while he was in England) the letters in this volume were written by Rudolf Steiner from his sickbed during his final illness. During these last six months of his life, the letters—always written in the very early hours of the morning—came with unfailing regularity. The last of the letters was printed two weeks after his death. These letters form a continuous series and were given the appropriate collective title The Michael Mystery. As such, they constitute an invaluable addition to the great teacher's fundamental works on Spiritual Science.

    The present volume is a revised edition of the translation originally made by the late Mrs. E. Bowen-Wedgwood, first published as a book in 1930 and again in 1933.

    24 October 2017; SB; 180pp; 21.5 x 14 cm; pb;

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