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    A Rosicrucian Path of Leadership

    Torin M. Finser, Ph.D.


    Torin Finser takes on some of our contemporary challenges and proposes new solutions. Rather than simply "kicking the can down the road", as often happens with issues such as sovereign debts, Middle East conflicts, and environmental issues, Finser calls for individual initiative. Drawing on a variety of rich cultural and spiritual traditions, he makes the case for social change that begins within. To do so, one must first access resources that support initiative and innovation. Key questions discussed in this book include: • How is it possible to live a spiritual life in our materialistic age?
    • Can an individual person still make a difference?
    • How can we use a whole-systems approach to innovation?
    • How can planetary wisdom help us find appropriate leadership styles?
    • What are the inner conditions needed to work with the transcendent Self?
    • In the swirl of multi-tasking, how can we find moments of solitude and reflection?

    We need new, a ethical individualism that is fully transformative. As quoted from the Peace Pilgrim in chapter 2:
    This is the way of peace - overcome evil with good,
    and falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.
    Today's world needs people of initiative - those willing to become the change that is so desperately needed. This book offers a wake-up call for inspired leadership.

    • Introduction: "Hear me God, I can't take it anymore..."
    • Living a Spiritual Life in an Age of Materialism
    • Freedom and Initiative
    • Innovation
    • Planetary Leadership
    • Epilogue
    • Appendices:
      • Meditations for the Days of the Week
      • The Pentagram as a Tool for Self-development
      • From the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach Program

    August 2011; SB; 144pp; 224 x 248 mm; Paperback;

    £11.99  ISBN 9780880107341