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    Rudolf Steiner's Challenge to the Younger Generation

    Rudolf Steiner


    'The younger generation is always faced with the dilemma of being heir to the old while about to become a guide for the new.... This cycle of lectures "to the younger generation" speaks of a pathway to a Michaelic harvest for ears that have the goodwill to hear.' - Carlo Pietzner

    Rudolf Steiner presented these lectures to about 100 German young people who hoped to bring Waldorf education into the culture of their time and for the future. Steiner stressed upon his listeners the great importance of 'self-education' as a prerequisite to all other education. His was an attempt to guide the youth toward understanding themselves within the world situation.

    Steiner showed how the stream of generations had been interrupted by eighteenth-century intellectualism, emphasizing that they would have to reject the general acceptance of impersonal social routine, dead intellectual thinking, and personal and social egoism. Steiner discussed the need, instead, for a form of education permeated by art and feeling, which brings inner nourishment that can grow throughout one's life. It was his view that, without such an education, society will not reach a future built on moral love and mutual human confidence - a truly human culture.

    A previous edition of these lectures was titled The Younger Generation. Original German title: P├Ždagogischer Jugendkurs (GA 217). This Collected Works edition includes an introduction and index.

    August 2007; Trans. R. Querido (13 lectures, Stuttgart, 3-15 Oct. 1922, GA 217); SB; 240pp; 23 x 15 cm; pb;

    £22.50  ISBN 9780880106092