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    How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation

    Edward Reaugh Smith


    Here are amazing insights showing reincarnation to be deeply and powerfully revealed in the Bible's most fundamental aspects. How and why have these insights escaped attention for so long? At last, they are uncovered here by a confluence of conventional Bible study and the epochal spiritual discoveries of Rudolf Steiner.

    With particular emphasis on the organic provisions of the Old Testament, Smith shows both what the assumptions of the Master's hearers were and how the New Testament confirms the ancient heritage. Arising from the fullness of the canon is an exciting story of the long journey of humanity and every human soul, each a "beloved sheep" whom the Creator is unwilling to lose.

    Combining a lifetime of biblical study and teaching, fifteen years investigating and contemplating Rudolf Steiner's vast works, and almost three decades of applying the analytical skill required in an intense law practice, Smith has produced a potential classic that no serious Bible student can ill afford to ignore.

    A partial list of the contents:
    The Journey Concept, Karma as the Law Christ Came to Fulfill.
    Various Old Testament considerations including:
    Three Bodies, Three Who Could Not Die, Justness, Justice and Judgment.
    Also New Testament confirmation, including:
    The Need To Be Born Again, Rebirth, and Resurrection Distinguished, Predestination and Election, The Erroneous Concept of "Eternity", Salvation As A Gift of "Grace" Through Faith Alone.

    EDWARD REAUGH SMITH is a husband, father, and grandfather with broad interests in life. A successful lawyer and businessman, amateur musician, and athlete. His lifelong search for the deeper meaning of the Bible, which he taught for over twenty-five years before discovering the writings of Steiner, expresses itself in this extensive work. For more about this hard-working author and his books, please visit his website, "The Bible and Anthroposophy".

    March 2004; SB/RSP; 304pp; pb;

    £17.99  ISBN 9780880105354