Rudolf Steiner signature

    If not now, when?

    Torin M. Finser


    The author considers the current crisis in ethical leadership and brings his unique approach to the problems we face. He takes us on a journey of discovery by asking hard questions about the breakdown in ethics and leadership as evidenced by the shooting at Columbine, the financial debacle at Enron and other companies, as well as the recent war in Iraq.

    Out of these experiences he examines the roots of this loss of ethical leadership, and begins to find a way out of our situation by applying the spiritual principles of Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy. This book offers practical tools that promise us real hope for the future of ethical leadership.

    In recent years a chasm has opened between many of our leaders and those who work for them. We have witnessed the sacrifices of airline workers and the unconscionable compensation of top executives, the ideals of Olympic Games and the conduct of certain committee members, the sacrament of religion and the priests who abused the sanctity of the human body, the needed services of United Way and their extravagant executive perks, and the hopes of fairness through democracy versus the presidential election of 2000.

    The values of hard work, inalienable rights, fairness and public service held by most Americans is often lacking in our leaders. An ethical chasm has opened up in our midst, and unless we do something, our future will fall victim to our inadequacies. Our standing in the world in years to come will depend less on our military might, and more on our moral strength. We need to begin a united search for ethical leadership.

    Febrary 2004; AP; 192 pp;

    £17.99  ISBN 9780880105323