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    Three Lectures

    With an Introduction by Stephen Keith Sagarin

    Rudolf Steiner


    This is a reader-friendly Waldorf "taster," with three public lectures by Rudolf Steiner on Waldorf education and a thought provoking, accessible introduction by a Waldorf teacher and longtime student of Steiner's pedagogy. These lectures by Steiner present what he sees as the "fundamentals" in a matter-of-fact, objective, non-dogmatic way. The introduction, wide-ranging and informative, treats Waldorf education and methodology in general, explaining that, before all else, a Waldorf School is a good school. This is a must-read for anyone involved with, connected to or interested in Waldorf education.

    From the Contents:
    Introduction by Stephen Sagarin: "Recovering the Quality of Rudolf Steiner's Education Work"
    A lecture for prospective parents
    A public lecture on Waldorf Education
    A lecture to English Educators

    RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925) called his spiritual philosophy 'anthroposophy', which can be understood as 'wisdom of the human being'. His many published works feature his research into the spiritual nature of the human being, the evolution of the world and humanity and methods of personal development. Steiner wrote some 30 books and delivered over 6,000 lectures across Europe. In 1924 he founded the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has branches throughout the world.

    March 2004; 128pp; pb;

    £11.99  ISBN 9780880105279